Infant Swing Buying Guide

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Infant Swing Buying Guide

When you are out looking for an infant swing, it is important to take into consideration of the features to narrow down on the best baby swing. Here are some list on the features to be taken into consideration:


Seat padding – A nicely padded seat will make the baby swing more comfortable. Padding too thin will be uncomfortable while padding that is too thick will take up too much room.
Seat inclination – Having different seat inclination will allow a bigger age group of babies. Newborns will prefer a reclined position while infants prefer sitting more upright.
Easy to clean – Bouncers which come with machine washable covers will make your life much easier as your baby may often make a mess.
Detachable swing seat – Some infant swings have a seat which can be completely removed from the swing frame to be used independently of the swing as a baby seat.

Swing Motion

Adjustable swing speed – Most baby swings come with adjustable swing speed setting which allow you to speed up or slow down at which the swing moves. Newborns generally prefers a slow and gentle motion while older child will prefer a faster swing. There are also some baby swings which adjust to the baby’s weight so the speed won’t slow down even as the baby grows.


Base Size – A wider base will provide sturdiness and prevent from the bouncer to be knocked over.
Portability – If you are a frequent traveler, it might be best to choose one which is light weight and portable.


Toys – Some baby swings come equipped with built in toys. The toys vary from brand to brand and can be as simple as hanging stuffed animals, rattles and mirrors to full on motorized baby mobiles and spinning projection night lights.
Music and sound – Choose a baby swing which have a wide variety of sounds and songs that are soothing.


Seat restraint – A 5 point harness is best as it restrains the upper body as well as the lower body. This type of harness is best because it keeps a baby from climbing out of the seat and plunging to the ground, which can happen much quicker than you’d think.  A 3 point harness that secures the crotch and hips will be sufficient for older kids. Ensure that the restraint will keep the baby secure as they swing!
Weight capacity -Do take note on the maximum weight limit to prevent any risk of danger. There are also some swing which have a minimum recommended weight.

Ease of Use

Power cord or battery operated – Full sized infant swings come with power cords while portable baby swings are mostly battery operated. Some baby swings are powered by both.
Easy Access – Portable and full-sized swings are available without a top crossbar, typically called an “open-top design.” This design can be easier to use because there’s no top crossbar to interfere with getting baby in or out. You have access to your baby from the top instead of having to crouch down to wriggle your baby in.

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