Baby Swing Chair Safety Guide

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Baby Swing Chair Safety Guide

Safety should always be a primary concern over any baby products. There are a number of injuries by infants reported each year from baby swing chair and here’s how you should protect your baby:

Sturdiness – Your baby swing chair should have a wider base compared to the seat. Ensure that the swing doesn’t tip sideways when cradling and stays in place. In addition to that, having a rubber pad or non skid surface at the base will keep the swing from moving around.

Maximum weight – Most manufacturers have a maximum weight capacity of 25 pounds. Ensure that your child is under the maximum weight as the baby swing chair can easily be toppled. Once your baby figures out how to wiggle free it is definitely time to stop using the baby swing. Escaping mid-swing could cause a serious injury. Experts recommend you stop using a baby swing when your baby can push up on his hands and knees.

Put seat on floor – Never put the swing on an elevated area or on a smooth surface as the bouncer might fall off the surface and endanger your child. Having pets around the swing might create a possibility of hitting the swing as well. The safest place to put the baby swing chair would be on a flat floor.

Don’t carry bouncer with baby in it – Even with carrying handles, there might be unforeseen circumstances which might lead to dropping the bouncer.

Keep a close eye – While a baby swing chair are meant to keep the baby safe when you are doing other things, your should always keep an eye to ensure the safety of your child.

Speed limit – With multi-speed swings, start with the lowest setting. High settings may be too rough for your baby. Very young babies tend to prefer slower speeds; older babies may like a slightly quicker pace.

Other Tips – Keep swing away from any strangulation hazards and ensure the swing doesn’t have any reachable sharp edges.

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