Infant Jumper: Recommended Age


Infant Jumper: Recommended Age

While there are no defined rule when using the baby jumper, most parents use a standard rule that if your baby can support his head well without any support (which can be as early as 3 months old), he would then be old enough to use a baby jumper. To add on, it is recommended that the baby can also touch the bottom with his feet flat as well. If they are not touching the ground, you can put blanket or pillow at the bottom to help him to reach and push up. Start in short increments of time from 5 minutes until he is no longer comfortable or enjoying it.


Baby Jumper

Jumperoo Age Limit

Up to 25 pounds or 32 inches


Evenflo ExerSaucer


Exersaucer Age Limit

This door jumper fits babies approximately 4 months (must be able to hold their head upright unassisted) to walking age (maximum 24 pounds).

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