Types of Bouncers for Babies

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Types of Bouncers for Babies

Baby bouncers are great way to keep your baby entertained, get them to sleep and keeping them safe while you are doing some other things. They are usually suitable from birth and while some are simple chairs that keep infants secure and enable them to have a bounce if they want it, others are more elaborate, with built in rocking motion or vibrations. Some even have sounds and toy bars, many of which are removable.

When you’re looking to buy one, think about whether you want a natural bouncer, or one that uses batteries or mains power. Also consider whether you want several recline positions and how long you into childhood you want it to last.


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Basic Bouncer

A baby bouncer in it’s most simple form. Without any extra entertainment features, a basic baby bouncer is a simple seat which allows your baby to bounce with their motion. As they are free from frills, you can add any toys you like for your baby. They are usually portable making it easy to be taken along during your travel. A possible downside is that it might not entertain your baby for long.



4moms Mamaroo Bouncer

Modern Bouncer

A modern bouncer is a basic baby bouncer which have added features such as toy rails, vibrating seats, musical melodies, MP3 connectivity and so on. These type of bouncer will be good to keep your baby entertained for a longer period of time.

With all those features included, the bouncer will carry extra weight and therefore, is not as portable as a basic bouncer. They are usually more bulky as well.


Best Types of Bouncers for Babies?

Depending on your personal need and finance, there is no best bouncer. If you want portability, then a basic baby bouncer will be best. If you are looking for a complete entertainment solution, then a modern bouncer would be the best bouncer for your baby.

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