Baby Bouncer Seat Buying Guide

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Baby Bouncer Seat Buying Guide

When you are out looking for a baby bouncer seat, it is important to take into consideration of the features to narrow down on the best baby bouncer. Here are some list on the features to be taken into consideration:


Seat material – Material of the seat should be soft to touch to prevent from irritating your baby’s sensitive skin.
Padding – A padded seat will help to keep your baby comfortable.
Easy to clean – Bouncers which come with machine washable covers will make your life much easier as your baby may often make a mess.
Head support – Newborns requires proper head support to protect their neck. Removable head supports will allow your bouncers to be used for a bigger age group.
Seat incline – Having different seat inclination will allow a bigger age group of babies. Newborns will prefer a reclined position while infants prefer sitting more upright.


Bounciness – Often overlooked, you should consider how well the bouncer bounces. Depending on the design, these can range from slightly bouncy to very bouncy.
Base Size – A wider base will provide sturdiness and prevent from the bouncer to be knocked over.
Portability – If you are a frequent traveller, it might be best to choose one which is light weight and portable.


Straps – Look out for straps that are not only strong and durable but comfortable at the same time.
Weight Limit – With a higher maximum weight capacity, you can have a longer use of the baby bouncer seat.


Toys – Do check if the bouncer have any toy bar and whether they can be removed. A bouncer filled with toys will be able to keep your baby entertained for a longer period of time.
Music and sound – Choose a baby bouncer which have a wide variety of sounds and songs that are soothing.
Vibrating seat – Found in a lot of the premium baby bouncer seat, check the motion of the bouncer to ensure that it is comforting to the baby.

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